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Work Smarter With Green Technology


Last week we wrote about the financial benefits of using automation systems to modify green buildings; now here’s one more reason to consider updating your office space. According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health, there is a clear relationship between air quality and cognition. This relationship makes intuitive sense, but its impact is more severe than you may expect. Professionals who work in green buildings showed “cognitive scores” as high as 101 percent better than those in traditional office buildings, and the “using information” score was nearly 300 percent better for workers in green settings.

These results seem to demonize conventional buildings as being poor working environments. The good news is that the industry has a big opportunity here, and some professionals are already embracing this challenge. Building Construction + Design recently identified a trend in the green building industry: Many older buildings are being retrofitted with green technology rather than being replaced with entirely new buildings. Ultimately this will save money and improve air quality for employees – perhaps exponentially. That’s a big opportunity for a big, important change.

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