How Wireless Comfort Control Can Make Your Life Easier

Smart technology has made life easier and more convenient in myriad ways. We’re now accustomed to on-demand control and access in nearly every aspect of our lives, from streaming movies to monitoring our health and everything in between, including home comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric makes home comfort more customizable and controllable than ever before, with Zoned Comfort Solutions® and the kumo cloud® wireless control app.

Control Made Easy

Imagine settling into bed and realizing you forgot to turn the air on in your bedroom or wanting to adjust the heat after you’ve curled up on the couch for a movie. While these aren’t world-ending problems, it’s certainly inconvenient to leave coziness and comfort to adjust the thermostat. With kumo cloud, wireless comfort control is at your fingertips. The user-friendly app is available on nearly any smartphone or tablet, allowing you to adjust your home’s temperature and airflow without ever having to leave the couch. kumo cloud is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can just use your voice to change the temperature. Now, that’s convenient.

Personalized Comfort

kumo cloud also works with our Zoned Comfort Solutions to help you easily and independently manage temperature and airflow in different areas of the home. Zoned systems can be configured on room-by-room or floor-by-floor plans depending on which works best with occupancy, your comfort preferences and how you use the spaces within your home. The units can be turned off in infrequently-used spaces, such as your college-aged kid’s bedroom or the formal dining room only used during holidays. Meanwhile, units in rooms like your master bedroom, living room and kitchen remain on.

Zoned Comfort Solutions also allow individualized temperature control for each unit. If you prefer a cool bedroom and a warm living room, you can have both without fighting over the thermostat or having to change it every night before bedtime.


kumo cloud and Zoned Comfort Solutions work hand-in-hand to maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency, even when you’re away from home. Since kumo cloud can control the system from anywhere, you’ll no longer experience the panic of realizing you forgot to set back your thermostat just as your flight is about to take off. Simply log in to the app and set it to your desired temperature. You can even schedule the system to return to your regular setpoint when you’re due home. This way you can return to comfortable conditions and up your utility savings.

This is also a great solution for those who own vacation homes or rental properties. With kumo cloud, you’ll know your home away from home is maintaining a safe and cost-effective temperature. 24/7 remote access can help you avoid frozen pipes or hefty heating bills in your properties, both near and far.

Whether you’re gone for the day or traveling for a month, just checking in or need to turn up the heat, the temperature of your home can be adjusted and monitored quickly and easily. Your home’s comfort should always be under your control and with our wireless control offerings, it can be!

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