Corporate News

Welcome Home to the Young Family

On Friday, January 15, Sgt. Nathan Young and his family were welcomed into their new home in Luling, Louisiana. The home was built and gifted by our partner, Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH), a non-profit organization focused on building mortgage-free homes for veterans.

While serving in Iraq in 2010, Sgt. Young’s vehicle was struck by a pair of Russian Anti-Tank Grenades. The incident forced him into rehab for a traumatic brain injury, and eventually into retirement in 2013.

Built by Tyson Construction – out of the Greater New Orleans area – our donations helped this home to be designed with Sgt. Young in mind. The 2,285-square-foot house – cooled and heated by our M-Series heat pumps – is spacious enough for the family and a quiet room that offers Sgt. Young relief from combat-induced migraines. For this room, Tyson installed two of our whisper-quiet SLZ indoor units.

We are proud that our products have had a part in this project and we’re happy to finally welcome the Young family home.