Bob Vila started his own residential remodeling business in the 70s and starred on a first-of-its-kind home improvement TV show for over 30 years, changing the “perceptions of what a home can be.” From Day 1, Bob has recognized that helping people improve their homes can enhance their lives. We’re joining him in his quest by educating people on the healthiest, most efficient and cost-effective comfort solution for their home – ductless HVAC.

In a 10-part series of posts from now through December 2015, Bob and his team will highlight the benefits of ductless technology and share experiences with our ductless systems. In the inaugural post, “Ditch the Ducts: Choose Ductless HVAC for Savings and Comfort,” focused on the “pitfalls” of the age-old ducted systems and why homeowners should consider the newer alternative. In the second post, “Next-Generation Ductless HVAC Brings Home Total Comfort,” Bob and his team zero in on the innovative engineering that allows ductless systems to perform better and cost less than traditional cooling and heating systems.

Head to to hear it directly from Bob. Stay tuned for more from America’s plaid-clad handyman.