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USGBC Announces New Partnership, First of Its Kind

Last month, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced the new partnership with Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the first of its kind in the building and certification industry. The two groups have teamed up to advocate for the disclosure of the composition and manufacturing processes of building materials and products with the end goal to improve the overall quality and performance of buildings.

This partnership is bound for success based on the shared ambitions of the USGBC and UL alone. As the developer of the global LEED green building certification program and the world’s leading safety and certification group, here’s how the USGBC and UL plan to achieve their goal, and why it matters to building professionals:

The first of many initiatives aimed to increase the disclosure, awareness and transparency of building products’ composition and environmental impact is the creation of a joint Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD provides relevant, verified and comparable information about the environmental impact of a product, and in the case of this partnership, third-party assurance for the LEED green building program.

The increasing demand from consumers to know what is being used to construct and maintain the places where they live, learn and work will require manufacturers to follow suit in order to achieve and maintain leadership positions within the industry. This transparency will not only drive the creation of super energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of the U.S. market, but it will ease the process for builders who are striving to achieve LEED certification identify the products that will meet the credit requirements.

As a manufacturer of products and supporter of the initiatives aimed at providing a healthy and sustainable future, it is a great to see yet another strong and effective initiative working to do the same.

For more information on this partnership, click here to read the press release from the USGBC.