What does the ultimate in housing design and performance look like? The New American Home!

Sponsored by the Leading Suppliers Council (LSC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), The New American Home (TNAH) showcases the very best in residential design, efficiency and performance. This year’s home, set in Henderson, Nevada’s Ascaya development, is a luxury 6,428-square-foot home that features radial architecture and a unique, indoor/outdoor style that’s ideal for entertaining.

The perfect HVAC solution to accommodate such a home: Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric. “We were really looking to maximize the efficiency of zone control,” noted Dan Colletti, Owner and President, Sun West Custom Homes, the developer of TNAH 2020. Integrating ducted and ductless units from Mitsubishi Electric delivered on zoned comfort and energy efficiency.

Top-Tier Efficiency

“In The New American Home 2020, we did achieve the NGBS Emerald Status for energy efficiency,” explained Carl Martinez, President of Construction, Sun West Custom Homes. “We were able to able to locate the HVAC units closer to the livable space which gives you higher efficiency.” In addition to NGBS Emerald Status, TNAH 2020 is projected to achieve EPA’s ENERGY STAR® and Indoor airPLUS certifications as well as DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home status. With an average efficiency of 16.73 SEER, Mitsubishi Electric’s equipment is a big part of achieving such top-tier green accolades. The team also plans to add a 19.8 KW solar array to the home, making it 116% more efficient than the average new code-built home. This level of efficiency is estimated to provide the occupants $3,995 in annual energy savings.

Optimized Comfort and Style

Sun West also prioritizes style and comfort, which every homeowner would agree are important features of any home. With Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions, the future occupants will enjoy precise temperature control in every room and, as minimal ductwork was installed in the home, high indoor air quality. The project team also used a variety of indoor units to maintain the sleek style of the home. Our award-winning EZ FIT™ Recessed Ceiling Cassette, which fits flush to the ceiling, does just that. The unit offers airflow control in a slim, unobtrusive package.

The next time you’re looking for high-tech, high-performance home inspiration, look no further than The New American Home! Learn more about the project here: