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TV Star Shares Stories at Diamond Contractor™ Conferences

Richard Trethewey, the famed plumbing and heating expert for “This Old House” programming since 1979, was a special guest speaker at one of our Diamond Contractor™ Conferences held in Atlanta last week.

Richard TretheweyMore than 300 Diamond Contractors attended one of the two back-to-back two-day events that featured presentations from Mike Cappuccio (“Are You Making All You Can Make Selling Ductless?”) and Weldon Long (“The Power of Consistency – Rock your Business –Rock your Life”), among others.

Trethewey shared his experiences as an HVAC contractor over the years as well as some humorous HVAC stories from his projects on “This Old House.”

In addition to his role on the popular home improvement television program, Trethewey consults on residential plumbing and heating projects throughout the country, with current projects in Massachusetts, New Mexico and Hawaii.

Listening to Tretheway’s storytelling, it’s evident that his outlook on the industry hasn’t dulled over the past 30 years. In a recent interview with This Old House magazine, Trethewey shared “the HVAC innovation I’m most excited about is electric heat pump INVERTER technology. Traditional units are either 100 percent on or off. These cold-weather heat pumps use sensors to vary compressor speed based on need.”

Not only is Tretheway a long-time advocate of Mitsubishi Electric systems, but he also shares our enthusiasm for achieving maximum comfort using minimal energy. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a part of the conference’s events.

Trethewey is scheduled to speak at the upcoming conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 26-28. Click here for more information about the conference or to see if you are eligible to attend. To learn more about becoming a Diamond Contractor, talk with your local distributor.