Pokémon GO may have taken the app world by storm, but just weeks into its debut, users are already looking elsewhere to get their app fill.

Our apps, on the other hand, have never been more popular. They may not offer you a chance to interact with Pikachu and crew, but they offer incredibly useful tools for contractors. They are also free!

Three particularly important apps among our offerings are as follows:

  • kumo cloud™, available on iOS & Google Play & Amazon Fire. Contractors will win over many homeowners with this programmable app, which offers remote control from anywhere in the U.S. through a smartphone, tablet or computer. The interface has the ability to control multiple locations and indoor units, program cooling and heating events, indicate filter replacement and monitor errors in the system.
  • Residential System Builder™, available on iOS & Google Play. This app is built for use on tablets allowing HVAC contractors to walk into a customer’s home and provide an accurate estimate of what size and type of system should be used for their home, a look at the various indoor unit styles available and the capacity needed. Ultimately, it provides an accurate, visual way to demonstrate to a customer how our products come together for their home.
  • Diamond System Builder™, desktop software. This software allows engineers and specifiers to lay out and design a commercial HVAC system. It even checks that the system is properly designed within the required constraints.