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The Truth About Buzzwords

Talking with homeowners about our products often means using words like “sustainable,” “net-zero” and “green.” But should these words come up? Do homeowners respond well to them?

These are the exact questions the Shelton Group set out to answer in a recent study of over 2,000 U.S. respondents. The resultant report, “The Buzz on Buzzwords,” sheds light on the market’s perceptions of 11 words relating to “green.”

The results are surprising in places, and should influence how certain conversations occur with homeowners. It is helpful to know, for example, that 76 percent of respondents believe the word “green” indicates a steep price. Likewise that only 30 percent of respondents know what “net-zero” means, and an ample 43 percent believe it is an undesirable quality.

Just as technology shifts and progresses, so does the language we use to discuss it. Keeping current is a challenge, especially since it is now apparent that listeners might not fully grasp what we think of as everyday terms. Educating homeowners seems more important than ever before.