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The Smart Office Space

Using smart technologies is the easiest way to meet ever-increasing energy standards, especially as they become not only interactive, but even more intuitive. As these technologies evolve in popularity and performance, it’s helpful to remember the innovations that have helped the modern office become a healthy and dynamic space:

WINDOWS: Windows help ventilate and regulate the temperature in offices. Gizmag said the PNC Tower in Pittsburgh, for example, has “breathing” windows that open and close throughout the day and at various temperatures.

LIGHTING: FacilitiesNet said that beyond just turning off when you leave a room, LED sensors can change color and intensity to increase comfort and productivity throughout the day.

COMFORT: Some HVAC systems have sensors, like Mitsubishi Electric’s i-See Sensor, that perform three-dimensional heat scanning to recognize and adjust the temperature in real time, based on who is in the room.

CARPET: Carpet can now recognize real-time changes in walking patterns and stride to improve employees’ health. Gizmag said at the University of Manchester, for example, fiber optic carpet is being created for use in offices and hospitals.