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The Advantage of Net Metering


While some cities are seeking to become net-zero or even net-positive, a battle currently taking place in Massachusetts is over the limit set on net metering – a process by which residents are incentivized to save or generate power from their homes and sell it back to energy companies. This is the most recent in a line of Massachusetts rebates and not only offsets the cost of energy bills, but helps reduce the demand on the grid.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker proposed raising the cap – thus furthering the incentivizing – as much as four percent in the last year. However, the funding for these subsidies comes in the form of higher prices for those not using solar energy, according to Mary-Leah Assad of National Grid: “The cost of these subsidies is not borne by the utilities, but by the 99 percent of our Massachusetts electricity customers who do not own solar.”

Offering attractive solar options is not only a good long-term option environmentally, but also as an immediate solution – both in New England and across the country. Solar panels are a great way for a home to produce its own energy, and pairing solar panels with our zoned comfort solutions creates an energy-efficient loop throughout the home. As Massachusetts strives to generate 1,600 megawatts of solar power by 2020, we’re working to provide cost-effective equipment that meets the needs of increasingly energy-conscious users.