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Building For Efficiency – Systems Approaches Boost Profitability

Building For Efficiency - Systems Approaches Boost Profitability

With a tightening labor market and commercial vacancy rates at recent lows, building owners and developers are challenged to compete on across-the-board experiential improvements and incremental gains in efficiency, regardless of property or building type. Matching new amenities with increased efficiencies and integrating new building systems with visible or otherwise noteworthy enhancements have become two of the most pressing considerations for owners and managers of commercial developments.

In our newly released corporate white paper, Building for Efficiency: Systems Approaches Boost Profitability, we explore three building systems, with a focus on their technical innovations and documented benefits. These systems include: vertical transportation, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and HVAC. A final consideration presented in the white paper is the trend toward owners and developers partnering with system providers to gain advantages such as custom-built solutions and improved service and warranty coverage.

Read the full white paper presented by Building Design + Construction.