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Success Showing From Low-income Housing Initiatives

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Late last year, during his visit to the United States, Pope Francis called for an end to homelessness. It’s a crisis that remains at the front of our national consciousness. Incidentally, the building industry has the ability to contribute by developing affordable housing, and the outlook is good.

Last month, “Affordable Housing Finance” reported findings that the performance of Low-income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) is trending upward. LIHTC incentivize property managers and industry professionals to develop low-income housing and those incentives are shown to have increased overall occupancy to 97.5 percent – according to this study from CohnReznick. This study also showed a decrease in the risks associated with low-income projects – including an improved debt coverage ratio.

As the frequency of new low-income projects continues to grow, we know that our cost-saving HVAC products can help keep energy bills down which makes low income housing that much more affordable. We strive to offer easy-to-install and affordable-to-maintain cooling and heating systems because all people should live comfortably without worry of the cost.

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