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In designing new construction commercial projects, energy rebates can be a great perk for building owners and developers. However, it’s no secret that obtaining the energy modeling data for these rebates and incentives can be expensive and time consuming. If customers need help navigating and streamlining the process of securing commercial rebates, consider working with a program implementer.

Rise of Program Implementers

Many states participate in Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (EEPS). These mandates set requirements for utility companies regarding the amount of energy-efficient power they must source as a percentage of the overall power they sell to customers. Program implementers develop demand-side management programs to help utility companies achieve energy savings and provide incentives for building owners that implement energy-efficient technologies.

These entities understand the intricacies of rebate requirements and can estimate how different HVAC design options — including Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems — will impact a building’s energy consumption. Going this route can be more cost and time effective than traditional energy modeling.

Spotlight: The Weidt Group

Most program implementers are set up regionally. For example, The Weidt Group works with 16 utility companies that operate in Midwest states and can provide VRF energy analysis. With each project, they work with the entire team and building owner to review the purpose and use of the building, scope of work and project goals as well as mechanical systems considered. Rebates are attained based on kilowatt hour (kWh) and thermal savings above code, as predicted by the energy model.

If you’re working with a building developer, suggesting a program implementer for utility incentives can be a great customer added value. For additional help navigating utility incentives and connecting with program implementers, contact the Mitsubishi Electric Utility and Efficiency Team.