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Staying Warm Through Winter Work

Jan 15 Image

December was pleasantly warm, but don’t let that catch you off guard. The cold is on its way – for some of us it’s already here – and as you continue to work through the winter, we are working to help you prepare for the cold weather. Already, our CITY MULTI® and P-Series Hyper-Heat™ outdoor units boast impressive functionality – 100 percent heat capacity as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit – but protecting the system from the elements makes systems that much more efficient.

Suggestions from our Cold Weather Solutions Guide include:

  • Block the wind – Wind deflectors compatible with the CITY-MULTI Y-series and R2-Series upgrade existing wire guards without sacrificing accessibility, and maintain full airflow while also providing a more efficient defrost cycle.
  • Avoid the ice – Propping outdoor units on cold-weather stands keeps the units out of the snow, guaranteeing the highest performance possible. Similarly, adding a snow hood helps avoid blockage, keeping the unit operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Beat the ice – Base pan heaters help prevent ice buildup on outdoor units. Even without precipitation, areas subject to frequent cold can see ice build up quickly. Keep units running smoothly by keeping them ice-fr

We go into more in-depth suggestions when you Read our Cold Weather Solutions Guide.