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Specifying With Thermal Comfort in Mind

Comfortable hotel room

It’s common knowledge that thermal comfort ranks among the most common occupant complaints in hotels. As a result, thermal comfort has become a focus of design in retrofits and new construction. Engineers have a responsibility but also an opportunity to create comfortable spaces. To do so, they have to keep in mind the four environmental factors of thermal comfort.

Strategy: Consider what other heat sources are in a room (e.g., television, refrigerator, stove, etc.).

Strategy: Specify an HVAC system that cools and heats evenly, is easy for the occupant to adjust and responds quickly to an adjustment.

Strategy: Specify an HVAC system with subtle, consistent airflow and washable/changeable filters. High-performance filters lower operating costs and improve IAQ and airflow. Also consider if guests will be very active in a space; physical activity increases air movement.

Strategy: Take into account any outdoor weather conditions that might influence the indoor thermal environment. Also consider how the specified HVAC system might contribute to humidity problems or relief.

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