April 8_Sky Magazine ImageIf you travelled on Delta Airlines in March, you may have noticed one of our ads on the back cover of Delta’s Sky Magazine. The ad highlights the transformation of Baltimore’s historic 86,000-square-foot Union Mill into 56 apartments, municipal office space and a café. The most eye-catching detail of the ad? How our VRF zoning system was able to save the newly-renovated Union Mill 450,000 kW hours of electricity in just one year!

This ad is part of a campaign from our parent company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, showcasing many of the energy-efficient products offered by our various divisions. The ads feature successful installations, like Union
Mill, that underscore our innovative technology and industry-leading positions. So, jetsetters and people on the move – you may have seen other recent ads from this campaign in United Airlines’ Hemispheres, Lufthansa Airlines’ Magazin, Thai Airways’ Sawasdee and EVA
Air’s en Voyage.

Click here to learn more about how we’re working towards a more sustainable global environment. For more information about the Union Mill project, click here for the
case study.