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Report Finds Positive Correlation Between Green Building and Workplace Environments

Source: World Green Building Council
Source: World Green Building Council

The World Green Building Council (WGBC) recently released the report, “The Business Case for Green Building: A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants,” that explores the costs and benefits of greening the workplace.

WGBC analyzed hundreds of academic and industry studies to complete the report, investigating thermal comfort, lighting, acoustics and interior layout among other factors in a workplace environment.

The report identifies how green, environmentally conscious practices can have a profound and widespread effect on employees’ health and productivity. Here’s how green buildings help employees, and companies, succeed:

  • Decreases design and construction costs. As sustainable building becomes the norm, it also becomes more affordable.
  • Increases value and marketability.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Boosts worker productivity. Better occupant health and wellbeing leads to better work quality and efficiency.
  • Contributes to large-scale environmental efforts, including climate change mitigation and resource conservation.
  • Contributes to large-scale quality-of-life efforts, including job creation.

The report includes a tool kit for owners and facility managers to convert sustainability efforts into financial gain. The kit helps users measure their building’s impact on workers and how they can integrate the results into financial decision-making.

Click here to download the report.