Recapping Our Weekend in The City of Brotherly Love

We had the chance to network with over 20,000 architects in Philadelphia last week during the 2016 AIA Convention hosted by the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This provided a hands-on experience for architects to be exposed to our MVZ multi-position air handling unit – a perfect solution for architects designing unique spaces, especially in tight, urban designs. Our MVZ units are versatile because of the ability to be fully disassembled and reassembled. This allows the units to accommodate tight spaces – such as attics or closets – while being stored horizontally or vertically and offering airflow up, down, left or right.

AIA was a great event for architects to mingle as well, choosing from a variety of activities, including morning yoga and evening runs. There were also keynote speakers in the afternoon and we offered a Jet Towel raffle for anyone who left their business card at our booth during the convention. The City of Brotherly Love is an ideal location for architects to be influenced by aesthetic. We were fortunate to be part of that experience and look forward to 2017 AIA.