Design Units

Consumer perception of wall-mounted indoor units has transformed over the years. The units have evolved from distracting and bulky to a sought-after HVAC technology for energy-savvy homeowners.

Our Zoned Comfort Solutions® Wall-Mounted Indoor Units provide more than just energy efficiency. With continuous air filtration, zoning, control capability, personalized comfort, low-impact installation, quiet operation and simplified maintenance, they are a great choice for any homeowner.

Even with all of these benefits in mind, some homeowners may still shy away from wall-mounted indoor units, citing aesthetic preferences as their reasoning. If that sounds familiar, allow us to introduce you to our Designer Series!

Designer Series units, part of our M-Series product line, are ultra-sleek and design-friendly. Units are available in glossy black, matte silver or glossy white to complement any homeowner’s aesthetic and style. With the Designer Series, builders and homeowners can enjoy all of the same benefits as our traditional wall-mounted indoor units, including:

  • Continuous air filtration to improve IAQ using washable, multi-stage, anti-allergen and deodorization filters
  • Zoned comfort for the unique heating and cooling needs of different areas within a home
  • Low-impact installation and simplified maintenance

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