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Project Spotlight: The New American Home 2020

Project Spotlight The New American Home 2020

Each year, The New American Home (TNAH), sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, debuts during the annual International Builders’ Show and showcases the latest innovations and efficiency advancements in homebuilding. This year’s home was no exception, showcasing a number of high-performance and high-quality building best practices in a luxurious 6,428-square-foot package.

A home with such a large, sprawling footprint required thoughtful planning and HVAC design to ensure the utmost comfort, accessibility and energy efficiency.

Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric was used to condition 10 unique comfort zones within the home, using both ducted and ductless units. The zoned system boosts the home’s energy efficiency by allowing some units to be turned off or set to energy-saving levels while the rest of the system continues to run. The Mitsubishi Electric units also contribute to the home’s aesthetics with whisper-quiet operational sound levels and tasteful, non-invasive designs.

With such an efficient mechanical system, TNAH 2020 earned several green building certifications, including Emerald Status from the National Green Building Standard, the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGYSTAR® for Homes and Indoor airPLUS certifications and recognition as a Zero Energy Ready Home from the Department of Energy, meaning the home is projected to have net zero energy consumption levels.

To learn more about Mitsubishi Electric’s involvement in TNAH 2020, read our Case Study Short or watch our YouTube video on the project.

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