Project Spotlight: Batdorf Home

Missouri’s summer temperatures average in the upper 80s, but it’s not uncommon for it to spike into the 90s in the heat of the day. When St. Louis homeowner Bob Batdorf’s air conditioner broke in his master bedroom and started affecting his sleep, he took swift action.

“It was starting to get stiflingly hot here in St. Louis and I was having trouble sleeping,” said Batdorf. “I’ve had issues with the air conditioning going out for the past several years since I’ve lived in the home, so once I realized there was a leak and I needed to replace the unit, I started looking for bids.”

A Hot Spot Solution

One recommendation he considered was to replace the air handler in the attic while keeping the home’s existing ductwork. While this would’ve provided more comfort than nothing at all, Batdorf’s existing system lacked a return register. This meant his air circulation would never be optimal and he’d still experience uneven cooling.

Batdorf was looking for a permanent solution to his hot spot problem, so he turned to SmartHouse Heating & Cooling (SmartHouse), a local energy auditor. Timothy Renz, an energy auditor and salesman for SmartHouse, had helped plenty of homeowners resolve their airflow problems and knew Batdorf’s best bet would be replacing his system. His recommendation? Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions®.

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

“We brought up the topic of mini splits to not only ideally provide comfort on the third floor, but the master bedroom as well as the first-floor living room where he’s had comfort concerns ever since he moved in,” said Renz.

Marc Bluestone, president of SmartHouse, backed Renz’s recommendation of the Mitsubishi Electric system. “It’s extremely well-engineered, it’s extremely well-constructed, it goes in nicely in people’s houses and it works well once it’s there.”

“We like the range of product Mitsubishi Electric offers,” continued Bluestone. “They’ve got a solution for almost everything and that’s really valuable to us.”

Batdorf was drawn to Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems for both their efficiency and zoning capabilities and took SmartHouse’s suggestions. He now enjoys consistent, efficient heating and cooling thanks to wall-mounted indoor units installed in each of the formerly problematic areas.

Watch the Video Case Study here.