Project Profile: Vail House, Roswell, Ga.

Have you ever wondered about a simple way to incorporate green building features into your home? When Lisa and George Vail moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta in 2006, they were determined to build a dream home that would be both eco-friendly and modern. After renovating several properties over the years, the couple had a shared vision to create a home that was perfectly customized for their family and lifestyle.

The Vails approached Jordan Williams, partner of the Atlanta firm Plexus r+d to design a sustainable, modern home. Williams focused the design strategy on fulfilling the Vails’ dream of a custom home with maximum energy savings.

When researching heating and cooling options, the Vails knew they wanted the best indoor air quality possible in their new home, along with low energy consumption. After thorough research, the Vails chose one of our ductless systems to provide the perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, ductless health benefits and technology.

George Vail said that one of the greatest benefits of our indoor units is the multi-zone personalization for each bedroom and the living/dining area. Instead of the typical two zones for a multi-story house, the family now has independent temperature control in five zones of the house.

In addition, the Vail family’s custom home is helping them save on their energy bills. The Vail’s utility bills average $75 a month. That’s $56 less than the average Georgia home, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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