Project Profile

Project Profile: Sixth St. Passive House

Joey Conover and Jeff Erkelens own Latitude 38, a company committed to sustainable building and energy efficiency. They are so dedicated to this cause that they live in one of their own projects – the Sixth St. Passive House.

When selecting the HVAC for their new 3,168-square-foot home, the couple was tasked with finding a system that would meet the stringent energy efficiency requirements for Passive House certification. They called in Certified Passive House Consultant John Semmelhack, who said our M-Series multi-zone system was “a given” for the job. The bottom floor of the three-story house functions as a rental apartment. The zoning feature gives Joey, Jeff and the tenants personalized comfort control. The system’s INVERTER technology and cooling and heating capabilities deliver the efficiency a Passive House necessitates. In fact, the Sixth St. Passive House currently uses a fifth of the energy that would be expected from a house of its size.

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