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Project Profile: Shadyside Inn, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s Shadyside Inn opened in 1984 and has since hosted the likes of Paul Newman, Buzz Aldrin and the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Built in the 1950s, the high-end, 100-suite, apartment-style hotel complex lacked a major feature – air conditioning. Comfort is a top priority of the Shadyside Inn and in 2011, the owners decided it was time to bring the comfort it provides its guest to a whole new level by installing an HVAC system.

Jonathan Plesset, CEO and owner of Shadyside Inn, reached out to one of our Diamond Contractors, Climatech, Inc., who recommended our ductless system for the job. Climatech initially installed two indoor units in each of the 44 suites located in the hotel’s main building to get an idea about the system’s installation process and, more importantly, its performance.

The installation could not have gone more smoothly. Shadyside Inn only needed to close for two days for the engineers to pre-drill the holes in each room. The actual installation of the units was completed in a day, with zero complaints from the guests at the time about noise or inconvenience. In fact, the guests were complimentary of the hotel’s new comfort system, noting how quiet and efficient the units are and the convenience of the zone control feature. The convenient installation process coupled with the noticeable benefits the system provided the 44 suites led Plesset to proceed with the full installation in 2013 by installing units in each of Shadyside Inn’s 100 suites as well as its two conference rooms.

The installation of our ductless systems provided a win-win for all. Now, Shadyside Inn can provide guests with constant, optimal comfort in the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly way possible. Not to mention, it cut the hotel’s utility bills in half.

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