Project Profile

Project Profile: Screven Elementary School

Screven Elementary School (Screven) in Sylvania, Georgia underwent an extensive renovation but one problem still remained: an inefficient and dated HVAC system. The original pipes had deteriorated, and a simple repair was out of the question. Superintendent William Bland found a solution when he attended an educational session on our CITY MULTI® units. “The more we studied and researched and questioned other users, the more we liked the product,” said Bland.

Our VRF system provides easier maintenance with less impact on ongoing operations. The entire installation, completed in less than 12 weeks, took place during the summer when school was out of session. The system is compartmentalized, meaning one part can be serviced without having to shut down the whole system. School officials can control the cooling and heating in each individual classroom from a centralized controller as well.

That control has provided the school with substantial cost savings. The average yearly savings post-renovation is $16,226 a year. Screven was also able to remove the boiler and cooling tower, saving on both energy and gas.

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