Project Profile

Project Profile: Scott Inspiration Home

When builder Scott Bergford of Scott Homes wanted to prove that homes can be energy-efficient without being overly expensive, he selected our ductless system for the job.

Bergford built an Inspiration Home in Olympia, Washington, to serve as a show house for energy-efficient technology with monitors that show the home’s energy usage. He needed the perfect HVAC system to keep energy usage and costs low.

He carefully considered the relationship of cost to value and comfort and selected our systems based on years of using them in other projects. He found that our ductless systems could cost a fraction of what other high-performance HVAC options would cost in order to meet his lofty energy savings goals.

Bergford installed one Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) M-Series ductless system in the center of the home to disperse both cooling and heating throughout the entire structure.

“I’d recommend it,” said owner Pat Bayle, who has lived in the home for 18 months. “It’s easy to maintain; we clean out the filters once a month.” The system was also able to satisfy Bergford’s other main concern: cost. According to Bayle, the cooling and heating costs are between $9 and $25 a month while an average home in the area pays $52 per month.

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