Product Profile

Project Profile: NoMad Los Angeles Hotel

Project Profile: NoMad Los Angeles Hotel

Built in the 1920s, the 14-story NoMad Los Angeles Hotel features 241 guest rooms, several world-class dining venues and original, gold-leaf, hand-painted ceilings above the lobby. With lavish accommodations and amenities, Sydell Group, the hotel’s ownership, required top-of-the-line mechanical systems for the property. After consulting with the general contractor, R.D. Olson Construction, Inc., and mechanical contractor, Talent Air, the choice was clear for their HVAC selection: Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology.

The Benefits of VRF Technology

Listed as a National Historic Landmark, there was a lot to consider in terms of heating and cooling. The HVAC subcontractor had to be careful not to alter the space too much. “With the NoMad building, we couldn’t make a lot of fenestrations to the exterior,” explained Jason Garry, senior project manager, Talent Air. “Using a VRF system eliminated the need for much economizer control.” Mitsubishi Electric’s two-pipe system design was also ideal for minimal building disturbance. “Other brands utilize a four-pipe system that’s constantly heating and cooling and requires so much more space than just the overhead ceiling,” noted Ryan Bean, director of development, Sydell Group. “Developing an existing building becomes much easier with VRF.”

In addition, the Sydell Group didn’t have room for a large HVAC system. “Space constraints were a major factor for us. Many of the existing city properties we develop are built lot line to lot line,” explained Bean. “There’s no space to build a centralized plant that has cooling towers, boilers and chillers. VRF was ideal for us because we can put units on the roof that have a small footprint. We were able to add a pool, rooftop bar, restrooms and restaurant; having revenue-producing outlets up there is a great benefit.”

Ultimately, Talent Air installed R2-SeriesY-Series and S-Series systems using Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Indoor Units (PEFY) and Multi-Position Ducted Air Handlers (PVFY) throughout the hotel and six Ductless Indoor Units (PKFY) in their audio-visual rooms. The heating and cooling system is controlled through the AE-200A Centralized Controller.

A Superior Brand

Since opening its doors officially in January 2018, NoMad LA has successfully delivered a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for guests. “It’s a testament to the equipment,” said Joseph G. Cervantes, senior executive vice president of operations, R.D. Olson. “The truth is, Mitsubishi Electric is a far superior product than its industry competitors. And to that point, we have not heard one single complaint from engineering or hotel management about the system. It’s working the way it’s designed.”

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