Like so many homebuyers today, Chicago residents Corinna and Rodrigo Lema dreamt of a home that would represent their lifestyles and interests, which in their case meant one that would incorporate the best practices of green living. After walking through several homes, nothing they saw came close enough to meeting their needs, so they decided to build a house that would.

The Lemas reached out to Oak Park, Ill., architect and certified Passive House consultant Tom Bassett-Dilley, AIA, whose mission to create architectural solutions and sustainability was ideal for the job at hand. At their initial meeting, Bassett-Dilley convinced the couple that a Passive House design would best meet their desire for an energy-efficient, sustainable home.

Passive House standards require a 90 percent reduction in energy use for heating, which presented a challenge as Chicago is known for having harsh winters. In order to keep energy usages at a minimum but provide a comfortable indoor environment for the family, Bassett-Dilley selected our M-Series system as the home’s HVAC solution. The variable speed capabilities and minimum Btu/h capacities of our Hyper-Heat (H2i®) technology perfectly complement the minuscule cooling and heating demands of a Passive House and eliminate the expense of adding a supplemental heating system often necessary for homes in Chicago’s frigid winters. Arguably what’s most impressive is the fact that only two indoor units are needed to heat the entire 3,800-square-foot home.

Our ductless system provides the Lemas with the healthy, comfortable, efficient and sustainable home that they’ve always wanted. And, as the cherry on top, our comfort solution helped the Lemas’ Passive House achieve the energy reduction goals and become the first home in the Chicago area to receive Passive House certification.

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