Historic Infill Home

In 2016, Carl Seville, partner and green building consultant, SK Collaborative, Decatur, Georgia, decided to build a better home. In his words, “this house is the culmination of my experience and knowledge in green building.”

A National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Master Verifier, Seville was determined to reduce his environmental footprint with an extremely tight building envelope. Employing the help of Thomas Bateman Hood Architecture and GreenHome Georgia, the team designed a low-load, 2,646-square-foot home that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of Decatur’s beautiful historic district.

The Right Technology

To achieve this level of sustainability and effectively manage the low-loads, Seville had to carefully select the home’s mechanical system. The game changer for Seville and team? Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions®.

“After much research, I realized that the efficiency ratings of the ductless equipment are so much higher than the ducted,” explained Seville. “I didn’t see the need to put in the effort to make the ducts or the chases for this project. This HVAC system is a huge part of our energy savings.”

Seville installed one wall-mounted split-ductless unit to condition the first floor and two of the same units to condition the second floor. In addition, Seville utilized Boral TruExterior® composite siding and trim, Huber ZipR Sheathing and Benjamin Obdyke Home Slicker rainscreen to keep the thermal envelope tight. The result has been astounding from an efficiency and savings standpoint.

Benefits of ‘Going Green’

“We’re using 15 BTUs per square foot, per year, which is very high performance for a standard house,” said Seville. Having lived in the home for a year now, Seville can attest to the utility benefits as well. “Over the year, we’ve averaged about $110 per month. That’s with an all-electric house — so there’s no gas involved — and includes two individuals that work full time from their home offices and two electric cars.”

The green building community has taken notice as well. Thus far, the project has received the following certifications and awards:

  • EarthCraft Platinum Certification
  • EarthCraft High Performance Award
  • NGBS Emerald Certification
  • LEED® Platinum Certification
  • ENERGY STAR® Certification
  • Zero Energy Ready Honorable Mention
  • Decatur Historic Preservation Commission Award

Most recently, the Historic Infill Home was named the Outstanding Single-Family Project of 2017 by USGBC. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about the project and Seville’s vision.