Outside Evangelakis and Anderson's home

After 60 plus years in her childhood home, Maria Anderson and her husband, Ted Evangelakis, decided to renovate everything from the decor to the mechanical systems. Looking to modernize everything in their home, Anderson and Evangelakis selected Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions® and the kumo cloud® programmable controller app.

The Necessity of Upgrades

The couple had plenty of challenges with their previous HVAC system. “We were having some issues with duct leakage, humidity and day-to-day comfort,” noted Evangelakis. “Our master bedroom kind of juts out with windows on three sides, so it was either too hot or too cold in there depending on the outside temperature. Likewise, I work from home and my office’s computer gear is always generating heat. So, when we had central air, we basically had to freeze or overheat the rest of the house just to get these rooms comfortable.”

Benefits of Zoned Comfort Solutions

Once they reviewed their cooling and heating needs, Anderson and Evangelakis prioritized zoning and the ability to control all zones via one device. The option to mix and match ducted and split-ductless indoor units was also a benefit of choosing Mitsubishi Electric.

“There’s no other system that can give you zoned comfort like this,” explained Terry Zarling, president, True Cool Air Conditioning Service Inc. and the project’s HVAC Diamond Contractor®. True Cool Air designed a four-zone setup for the house. The living room, dining room, kitchen and family room are included within a large central zone; each of the three bedrooms is a zone with its own wall-mounted unit. Everything is controlled with kumo cloud.

“We prefer to work with Mitsubishi Electric because they’ve had over 30 years in the U.S. and they’re the forefront leaders in the field,” expressed Zarling. “Plus, the support from their call-in center, in addition to their online information through MyLinkDrive is phenomenal – so is their distribution.”

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