Project Profile

Project Profile: The Custom-Built Schulenburg Home

Project Profile: The Custom-Built Schulenburg Home

When Kristin Dees of Schulenburg, Texas and her family built a new home, they sought an HVAC system that would seamlessly blend into the design while also offering room-by-room comfort. After speaking with their local Mitsubishi Electric sales rep, Voya Milasinovic, and mechanical contractor, Ben Sustr of Sustr’s Air Conditioning & Heating, Kristin knew Zoned Comfort Solutions® was the right option for her family.

“The aesthetics of the home are very important,” explained Milasinovic. “So, the aesthetics of the system had to work with the overall feel of the home. With vaulted ceilings, Kristin wanted to ensure the HVAC system was ducted but also powerful enough to keep her family comfortable.

Smart HVAC Technology

“We actually came up with the idea to use our kumo cloud® product, which is a wifi-based product that allows the homeowner to control each individual zone wirelessly. There are no thermostats on the walls,” noted Milasinovic. “Everything is done through small adapters; everything is very unobtrusive. We actually came up with the idea of building an iPad into the wall, and that is the central brain of the system. They can control every single zone of the home, all the schedules from one central location in addition to their phones.”

Zoned Control

Ultimately, the family decided on installing 3 multi-position air handlers: one for the master bedroom, one to condition the kids’ rooms and one for the main living area. “We’re able to control the temperatures to their personal comfort levels and bring on that extra energy savings,” said Milasinovic.

To learn more about this project, watch the full Success Story video on YouTube.