Project Profile

Project Profile: Century Bank & Trust

Century Bank & Trust (Century Bank), Milledgeville, Georgia, opened in 1898. The 24,000-square-foot, three-level building was renovated 25 years ago but the HVAC system proved to be inefficient and costly. In 2012, Century Bank was determined to find a solution to improve employee and customer comfort without interrupting business.

Brian Robinson, vice president of Century Bank, called in Milledgeville’s Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc. (ACS) to recommend the new system. ACS gathered data on the building’s energy use to predict future energy consumptions using various technologies, including Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). ACS predicted cost savings using our R2-Series VRF zoning system. The predictions looked promising. Robinson called in a second and third company to conduct studies and confirm the impressive projected savings.

It was easy for Century Bank to conclude that our technology would fulfill every need and it did. Installation was completed within one month with minimal impact. Since the installation only took place at night, the bank remained open during business hours without any interruption. The zoning feature gives each employee personalized comfort control year-round. Best of all, Century Bank saw a monthly average of 56 percent energy savings within the first year.

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