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Product Spotlight: The Newly Redesigned PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit!

Product Spotlight: The Newly Redesigned PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit!

Our PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit (PKFY-NLMU) is a classic unit, perfect for commercial projects both large and small! The unit’s redesign enhances its features and expands its usage with a smaller footprint, larger capacity offering and extremely quiet operation.

Part of the CITY MULTI® line, the new PKFY-NLMU brings sleek aesthetics and energy efficiency to any commercial or light commercial building. Featuring a smaller chassis width, the unit has a capacity range from 4,000 BTU/H to 18,000 BTU/H. The 4,000 BTU/H model specifically responds to the industry’s demand for low-capacity units with flexible designs for small spaces and passive applications. The units also have a new horizontal airflow feature that provides uniform air distribution and keeps air from blowing directly on occupants. All of this is accomplished while operating at whisper-quiet sound levels down to 22 dB(A) on select models.

The redesign also provides significant benefits for contractors and maintenance technicians. For flexible installation, piping can be connected from the rear, base or left-hand side of the unit. Also, the PKFY-NLMU is compact with a small fan diameter and an optimally-designed airflow passage. A washable filter with an easy-to-open front grille simplifies maintenance.

Specify the new PKFY-NLMU Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit for your next project, and give your customers the ultimate in efficient, comfortable and stylish heating and cooling.

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