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Product Spotlight: Sales Builder Pro - Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Blog
Product Spotlight: Sales Builder Pro

For use by HVAC professionals, our Sales Builder Pro software is designed to make residential sales a breeze! The in-home selling and quotation app provides contractors with access to a variety of selling tools including videos, comprehensive product details and homeowner-focused education on zoning and ductless systems. As you specify and design projects, you’ll be able to fully explain Zoned Comfort Solutions® to homeowners and set expectations.

Other benefits include:

  • Real-time system design: Simply input your ACCA Manual J® load calculations, linesets, as well as the altitude and the program will determine all derates — giving you a correct heating capacity to design around. This tool is ideal for designing in cold climates and helps ensure you specify the perfect system for each homeowner.
  • Visual selection tool: Demonstrate the variety of indoor unit options in your customer’s actual rooms to alleviate any aesthetic concerns. Our Comfort Survey also makes this process easy. While walking through a customer’s home, simply take photos to indicate where units should be placed. This creates an install package for the contractor that provides them with all placement information.
  • Simplified pricing: Give your customers on-the-spot project proposals, including labor and financing options. There’s no need to wait until post-home evaluation to provide a quote. The app’s recent update actually automatically adds all necessary installation materials to the quote as equipment is selected. This streamlines the quoting process and eliminates the fear of forgetting materials such as line sets, port adapters or mounts.
  • Customizable branding: Add your company’s logo and graphics to make Sales Builder Pro your branded tool in the field.
  • Sales call optimization: Robust analytics help identify where your team is spending the most time in sales calls, what products are popular and other details that help enhance each appointment.

With Sales Builder Pro, you can take the guesswork out of equipment sales and system design. Learn more at mitsubishicomfort.com/sales-builder-pro.