Product Spotlight Building Connect+

Today’s facility managers have greater control options for building management than ever before. One such option: Building Connect+, a new cloud-based controls software package from Mitsubishi Electric.

The simple, secure platform was designed to serve light commercial and multifamily applications. The software integrates management of up to 50 Mitsubishi Electric CITY MUTLI® Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, up to five third-party BACnet® devices and up to eight hardwired devices into one convenient interface.

In Application

With its web-based portal, Building Connect+ can reduce commissioning time, initial installation and pairing costs.  The platform requires minimal programming and doesn’t need additional software or licenses to control multiple units and devices. This makes it a great fit for light commercial and multifamily applications.

Once installed, Building Connect+ uses an on-site panel to connect a central controller and third-party equipment to the internet. The panel then auto-discovers the units and devices and connects them using digital inputs and outputs. All configuration is done through a simple web portal.

Account managers can add and manage independent users, giving specific access to certain parties.

Additional Benefits

The new software offers several additional benefits to facility managers, including:

  • The option to view maintenance tool data within the same browser, eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Managing trends, alarms and schedules for all connected equipment from a single location
  • The ability to connect to either a local area network or insert a SIM card for cellular data connection
  • Two-factor user authentication for secure cloud access

As controls options continue to advance, building owners can expect to enjoy greater security, integration options and streamlined capabilities.

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