Prevent Indoor “Scare” Quality this Halloween!

Scare Quality

Unbeknownst to you, there may be a host of scary “monsters” lurking in your home. What are they you ask? Dust, viruses, allergens and bacteria! When ignored, these irritants can cause a variety of symptoms including sickness, headaches and the general feeling of being uncomfortable in your own home.

This Halloween, don’t let your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) “scare” you! As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), IAQ refers to “the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to occupant health and comfort.” Unfortunately, many building owners and homeowners are often unaware of the effects of poor IAQ.

The July/August 2018 issue of Green Builder notes, “there is still not a high level of knowledge and understanding about the issues of air quality in buildings throughout the residential building industry.” Your HVAC system has significant impact on IAQ and choosing the right system is one of your first lines of defense against poor quality air.

The Zoned Comfort Solutions® Difference

Modern variable-capacity heat pump systems – such as our Zoned Comfort Solutions® – do more than reduce your monthly energy bills and keep each room at the perfect temperature. Each zone’s indoor unit is equipped with a filter, allowing it to continuously clean the air of germs and particulates. Additionally, the filters are washable and last up to 10 years, which saves you money on maintenance.

Zoned Comfort Solutions include split-ductless systems and ducted systems. Whether you choose a split-ductless system, a ducted system, or a hybrid approach where split-ductless and ducted systems are applied in the same building, you’ll stop some of the Indoor Scare Quality monsters before they can impact your health. Both types of systems eliminate the need for long duct runs where harmful particulates have a greater opportunity to accumulate.

With reduced ductwork and the ability to directly filter each zone’s air, Zoned Comfort Solutions helps you breathe easier and put particulate poltergeists in the past.

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