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Now Available: Strategic Electrification White Paper!

Now Available Strategic Electrification White Paper

Strategic electrification, or the push to decarbonize Earth’s atmosphere by electrifying our buildings and homes, isn’t a fantasy of the future. Also known as “beneficial electrification,” this movement is happening now, driven by a mix of legislation, private corporations and consumer demand. These entities understand both the environmental benefits of strategic electrification as well as the consumer benefits, which include decreased pollution and overall cost reductions to modern comfort and technology.

With new local-, state- and national-level laws, mandates and standards, the construction industry is in need of educational resources and new solutions to fulfill these requirements.

Our latest White Paper, “Strategic Electrification: Satisfy the Demand with VRF Technology,” gives an overview of strategic electrification and describes how Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems help architects, engineers, building owners, cities and states solve its challenges.

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