New Product Videos for Building Connect+ and Lossnay® RVX

Anytime you’re introducing a customer to new building solutions, it helps to have a visual. This year, we’ve released several new innovations that help keep building occupants comfortable and prioritize energy efficiency. To best highlight the features and benefits of these products, we’ve added two new videos to our Tech Series Playlist on YouTube: Building Connect+ and Lossnay® RVX!

Building Connect+ (BCP)

Our latest controls platform, Building Connect+, is a cloud-based integration solution that seamlessly connects CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and third-party equipment under one simple-to-use interface. Using an on-site panel (BCP-50), the platform connects the central controller and third-party equipment to the internet. The panel can auto-discover and seamlessly connect up to 50 CITY MULTI VRF indoor units, 5 BACnet devices and 8 hardwired devices using digital input/output, with configuration done through a simple web portal. This streamlined system makes it easy for building owners and facility managers to monitor and control their buildings. The video showcases BCP’s functionality and capabilities.

Check it out:

Lossnay® RVX Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

The Lossnay RVX represents the next generation in ventilation! This high-performance ERV improves comfort by supplying outside air to a space that’s been tempered with heat from the exhaust air stream. This is a total heat exchange ventilation system that uses a low-maintenance, cross-flow energy exchange core constructed of a specially-treated cellulose fiber membrane to perform temperature (sensible heat) and humidity (latent heat) exchange. By repurposing heat that would be wasted otherwise, the unit helps building owners, engineers and architects meet ventilation requirements without sacrificing energy efficiency. The video showcases the details of this unique technology.

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