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Mythbusters: Heat Pumps Are Only Used to Solve Hot and Cold Spots

Heat Pumps Myth

While variable-capacity HVAC technology was introduced to the U.S. over 30 years ago and very common abroad, many consumers in the U.S. are still unfamiliar with heat pump technology and consider it a new innovation. With that mindset, there’s a lot of “myths” about these systems that we’re setting out to debunk!

Myth: Heat pumps are only used to solve hot and cold spots.

The Truth:

Yes, today’s variable-capacity heat pumps can be installed to solve hot and cold spots. You’ve probably seen a ductless wall-mounted indoor unit in a bonus room used for recreation or occasional guests.  But builders and contractors are increasingly specifying our Zoned Comfort Solutions® heat pumps as whole-home HVAC solutions suitable for any climate. Let’s clarify the differences.


In single-zone applications, your HVAC contractor connects an outdoor unit to an indoor unit that heats or cools a single space or room. These are the typical “spot” conditioning applications. A single unit will effectively condition the zone and ramp down when the space is unoccupied. Think of a homeowner using a unit to occasionally heat or cool an additional room for guests.


In multi-zone applications, your HVAC contractor will connect multiple indoor units to your outdoor unit. The contractor will divide your home into multiple zones, each with its own indoor unit and settings defined by how you use and occupy your living spaces. If your home is high-performance new construction, you’ll likely have a mix of ducted and ductless indoor units.

Whichever configuration makes sense for you, variable-capacity heat pumps use the precise amount of energy needed to maintain your set point. This means they can help you save money on utility bills and better control your energy consumption whether they are conditioning a single room or keeping your whole home comfortable. In addition, heat pumps offer a variety of ducted and ductless indoor unit options to suit your needs and tastes.

For further context, here’s an example in which multi-zone heat pumps conditioned an entire home.

Good Haus

When Mela Breen and David Good decided to build and design their own high-performance home in Nevada City, California, they needed an energy-efficient HVAC system that could work for their 2,390-square-foot, multi-level home.

Ultimately, they installed three ductless, wall-mounted indoor units to condition the home which was split into two zones. The install has resulted in energy-saving performance and year-round comfort for the family.

“There may be times when just one of the smaller units is running. Despite the high summer temperatures in our area, there should be long stretches when we let the units sit idle. With our tight, well-insulated house and a typical 30-degree temperature swing at night, we can flush the house with cool night air and close it up during the day.” – Mela Breen, homeowner.

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