Live Training Now Available

The need to shelter-in-place during the global COVID-19 pandemic means many people are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home. For essential workers, such as HVAC contractors, who may be spending less time in the field, but still need to stay sharp, up-to-date and ready to answer service calls, there’s a degree of uncertainty. How do I maintain my skill set when access to hands-on experience is limited and most in-person training sessions have been cancelled?

As a solution to this pressing concern, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) began offering daily live webinars in late March. A different topic is presented each day, with two presentations at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST. Each webinar is approximately 45 minutes in length, includes a Q&A session with the moderator and is complimentary to contractors. Sessions are currently scheduled through May 15, but will continue until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and contractors can get back into the field without limitation.

Topics include:

  • kumo cloud® – Wireless Connection Basics — reviews the different types of wireless network connections available and the steps needed for a successful kumo cloud installation.
  • CITY MULTI® – Common Startup Faults — explores the most common errors that technicians encounter when starting up CITY MULTI systems, along with the available resources and troubleshooting solutions.
  • MXZ – Additional Refrigerant Charge — explains the difference between ported and branch box type M-Series multi-zone systems (MXZ), pertaining to refrigerant charging. Participants are also taught how to calculate and add the proper refrigerant charge.
  • CITY MULTI® – “Addressing” Overview — discusses the various techniques associated with properly “addressing” a CITY MULTI system, as well as best practices, limitations and manufacturer’s recommendations.

… and so much more!

How to Get Started

Webinar registration can be found through the METUS contractor portal, where contractors with existing accounts can log in, and new contractors can create an account by clicking the “Request Account” button. Once logged in, select “Learning” from the navigation bar, followed by “Find Learning.” Click on any catalog and enter “Webinar” in the search field to see a list of available webinars along with registration buttons.

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