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Leave the Spooking to Ghosts and Ghouls, Not Your HVAC System

Leave the Spooking to Ghosts and Ghouls, Not Your HVAC System

There’s enough to be scared of around Halloween without being haunted by malfunctioning HVAC systems. In the spirit of Halloween and all things frightening, here are a few scary HVAC scenarios and what homeowners can do to protect themselves.

Leaky ductwork

Homeowners with traditional forced-air systems face the risk of air leakage within their ductwork. The conditioned air escaping every time your home is heated or cooled, can really add up on your utility bills. If you notice an unexplained increase on your bill or uneven conditioning from room to room, call your contractor to perform an inspection. Or, if your bills have elicited one too many shrieks, you might want to consider energy-efficient variable-capacity heat pumps. These Zoned Comfort Solutions® have ductless or compact ducted indoor units.

Blocked ductwork

Ductwork blockages can also send your energy bills skyrocketing. Whether the blockage is caused by furniture covering a vent, clogged air filters, ductwork kinks or another obstruction, your HVAC system has to work in overdrive to maintain your set point. You can help avoid this problem by changing your filters routinely and being conscientious about placement of furniture or objects near vents. The heat pumps we mentioned earlier also have reusable, washable filters which last up to 10 years. That’s another way they can save you money.

Noisy HVAC

Spooky noises, such as high-pitched screeching, rapid clicking, clanging, grinding sounds or a constant buzzing, coming from your HVAC unit are certainly cause for concern (but hopefully not an exorcism). Keeping your system properly maintained can eliminate the odds of something going wrong. Unfortunately, some conventional systems are noisy even when performing as expected. A major appeal of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps is quiet operation. In fact, we’ve engineered our indoor units to be whisper-quiet and our outdoor units to operate at volumes as low as 58 dB(A), equivalent to the noise levels from a normal conversation.

Beware of your HVAC system really committing to the spooky Halloween spirit, and turning into a ghost of its former self. If your system hasn’t received proper maintenance, cleaning and servicing over the years (or if it’s just reached the end of its life), you run the risk of it conking out on you at an inopportune time. Routine maintenance and timely servicing for smaller problems lowers your odds of being caught by surprise if your system goes caput.

Dealing with home maintenance and repairs is part of being a homeowner, and your mechanical system has a lifespan. If you’re proactive about potential issues and quick to react when problems arise, you’re more likely to expand your system’s efficient operation with minimal impact on your home comfort and wallet.

The scary pitfalls of traditional HVAC systems are minimized with our Zoned Comfort Solutions by nature of the units’ engineering and design. Our M-Series line of residential heat pumps minimize ductwork (even in ducted systems), streamline maintenance and operate quietly, making them a great solution for any homeowner. After all, there are plenty of things that go bump in the night without your HVAC system being one of them.

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