Corporate News

Lasting Impact From Our Trip to Cabo

april 28

One of the events at our Diamond Partner Conference last month in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was a local market fundraiser. A portion of the profits raised were donated to Los Niños del Capitán – an area childcare and kindergarten facility. At the market, local vendors sold handmade crafts and goods. Attendees were given “Mitsubucks” (the equivalent of 20 dollars) to put toward items like ceramics, frames, jewelry, clothing, purses and coasters. Goods were also available for standard currency once the Mitsubishi Bucks were exhausted.

All told, participants raised enough money to sponsor a student at Los Niños de Capitán for five months! There are 120 children currently enrolled at Los Niños de Capitán. They participate in regular classes, extra-curricular activities and sports. The money also goes toward providing healthy meals and staff for the students.

We want to thank everyone who helped us to give back to this community. For those who were there and purchased items, we also hope you’re still enjoying them!