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Keep Warm at Work This Winter Without Worrying About Costs


From extreme temperatures to weather-related absences and sporadic holiday schedules, office spaces can often waste energy and become uncomfortable in the winter months. This discomfort can cause employees to struggle through an on-again-off-again wrestling match with their sweaters. Happily, FacilitiesNet said there’s a solution: “If people are allowed to talk to and control the Internet of Things, it will be advantageous.”

With an abundance of smart technology – especially smart phones – employees can provide information about their individual comfort, and help to make heating systems more efficient in the process. Encouraging employees to interact with automation systems through app-based technology helps these systems to easily account for a wide range of data – identifying and maintaining the most agreeable office space. Businesses can further maximize employee comfort and minimize energy use by investing in interconnected systems that recognize fluctuations in weather and need.

We’re excited that as temperatures continue to drop, the Internet of Things continues to build momentum. Perhaps this is the last year office workers will need to do the sweater wrestle.