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Introducing the CITY MULTI® Efficiency Evaluator

The industry continuously calls for better, easier, faster products. The CITY MULTI Efficiency Evaluator is our latest response.

The cloud-based application compares our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solutions to existing or proposed HVAC systems. It calculates expected energy usages, life cycle costs and LEED® points for each system based on multiple building factors. This allows contractors to not only tell but show customers just how the systems stack up.

The CITY MULTI Efficiency Evaluator uses a sophisticated building simulation program called WeidtSim. It evaluates a variety of HVAC technologies, including Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, water source heat pumps, fan coils and chillers. It is also compatible with multiple devices for added convenience.

The CITY MULTI Efficiency Evaluator immediately transforms your sales pitch into a powerful, convincing illustration for your customers. It enhances the onsite consultation experience and reinforces why our VRF solutions are the ideal solutions.

Contact your local sales rep to learn how the CITY MULTI Efficiency Evaluator can help you on your next sales call.