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Introducing Sleek Home Controls: kumo touch™

Introducing Sleek Home Controls kumo touch

Home comfort just got a whole lot easier thanks to our latest innovation in residential controls: kumo touch™! This sleek controller is now available for our M-Series, P-Series and CITY MULTI® product lines. Function and design are the hallmarks of this wall-mounted wireless unit.

Streamlined Use

Backlit touchscreen operation allows for ease of use and complete comfort control. kumo touch can be used in conjunction with our kumo cloud® mobile app and web service for remote home management. The unit also allows you to increase efficiency through expanded scheduling options, taking into account work hours, weekend hours or times you’ll be out of the home for an extended period, such as vacations. User-friendly commands such as on/off, mode, set point, fan speed and vane direction make comfort management a breeze.

Flexible Installation

Long gone are the days of having a thermostat installed in the middle of a wall. With wireless capabilities, contractors can install the unit in areas with or without wire access. Enjoy your thermostat’s modern aesthetic but choose the most convenient space for it.

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