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Introducing MERV 16 High-Efficiency Filters for Lossnay® RVX

Introducing MERV 16 High-Efficiency Filters for Lossnay® RVX

We recently launched our PZ-RFP2-E series, a new lineup of high-efficiency MERV 16 filters, engineered to enhance the performance of Lossnay® RVX Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV). These optional filters can significantly improve a building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and are now offered in addition to standard filter options.

As sustainability and wellness converge in today’s buildings, the Lossnay RVX reduces the overall cost and energy consumption associated with providing fresh, outdoor air for occupants. Unconditioned outdoor air may be too hot and humid in the summer and too cold and dry in the winter. The ERV repurposes thermal energy from exhaust air to precondition ventilation air before introducing it into an occupied space. This method gives occupants the wellness benefits of increased ventilation for better IAQ without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Using a MERV 16 filter with the Lossnay RVX further improves IAQ. Contaminants and particles, such as pollen and dust, are typically introduced with outside air. The MERV 16 filters use advanced filtration technology to remove 99.7 percent of particles larger than 0.5 μm from the incoming air. Removing these pollutants results in cleaner fresh air supplied throughout a building.

MERV 16 filters are available in several sizes to fit various Lossnay RVX models. Learn more about all our commercial ventilation offerings at