According to a recent article in The Journal of Light Construction, ductless heat pumps account for 50 percent of the world’s cooling and heating market but just a mere 2 percent of the U.S. market. The spotlight on heat pumps at the Building Energy 14 (BE14) conference on March 4 in Boston, however, proves that heat pumps are rapidly gaining ground in New England.

Several session presenters shared their success stories with heat pumps and the numerous benefits the installations have provided. Fortunat Mueller, co-founder of ReVision Energy in Portland, Maine, discussed how pairing a heat pump with photovoltaic technology has become ReVision’s standard design when it comes to creating a net zero energy home.

One of our valued customers, developer and builder Carter Scott of Transformations, Inc., shared his experience with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and how they’ve become a staple in his projects aimed at achieving Net Zero Energy. Scott used the development of a Net Zero Energy housing community in Devens, Mass., as an example, where the installation of our heat pumps allows each home to generate enough power to run a Nissan Leaf electric car for 30,000 miles!

To learn more about the heat pump stories from the BE14 conference, click here for the article in The Journal of Light Construction. Click here for the Devens, Mass. case study.