The perception of heat pumps used to be that they’d work really well in the summer but when winter came around and the temperatures dropped, there wasn’t any guarantee that the system would or could perform.

Over the past decade, however, we’ve seen innovative, breakthrough technology come onto the scene and revolutionize the heat pump to make it one of the leading building comfort solutions today.

Writer Marc Rosenbaum highlights this significant industry transformation in a recent article on, where he points out how and why heat pumps are continuing to gain ground in the HVAC industry. Below are two of the many features that Rosenbaum says – and we agree – has brought heat pumps back to life:

  • Superior Performance – Whereas heat pumps before couldn’t operate at low temperatures, heat pumps now can perform effectively and efficiently in single-digit, even subzero, ambient conditions. For one, our Hyper-Heating heat pumps can provide 100 percent heating capacity in 5 degrees Fahrenheit conditions and operate at as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit (Rosenbaum says he’s even seen our systems running at temperatures below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit!)
  • Energy efficiency – The advanced technology in heat pumps works to capture heat that is otherwise wasted and repurposes it to supply heat within the building. The variable-speed technology allows the system to make real-time temperature adjustments to maintain the ideal temperature efficientially, instead of having to ramp up or down when the outdoor conditions inevitably change.

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