Happy Fall Holidays from Mitsubishi Electric!

Happy Fall Holidays from Mitsubishi Electric!

The week of Thanksgiving is here, and from all of us at Mitsubishi Electric, we’d like to wish you a safe and happy Turkey Day. We also have a few words to share about the other holidays falling on and around this weekend.

The season’s traditions include feasting, watching the big game or parade on TV, and scoring the best deals possible on consumer goods. However, it’s also an appropriate time to cultivate gratitude, and help others when and how we’re able. Let’s get right to it, chronologically.


During the Thanksgiving season, we express gratitude for all of our customers, distributors and employees who makes up the Mitsubishi Electric family. Our workforce’s commitment, creativity and talent make us a thriving company. Thank you for serving our customers with your hard work, day-in and day-out. Thank you for your generosity, and your willingness to go above and beyond.

And as for our customers, thank you for trusting us to provide the heating and air-conditioning solutions you depend on. Enjoy some well-deserved time with family and friends and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

You savvy shoppers out there may be looking for Black Friday deals on HVAC products. Well, we have some bad news, but good news to make up for it!

Here’s the bad news: HVAC Black Friday deals aren’t really a thing — not for us, and not in the industry at large. The good news? You can save money on your energy bill year-round by upgrading your HVAC system. Variable-capacity heat-pump systems can save you 30-40 percent more than a conventional forced air-system. Also, whether ductless or ducted, these high-performance systems provide all-electric heating and air-conditioning without expensive (and environmentally harmful) fossil fuels. When you choose an energy-efficient, all-electric Mitsubishi Electric system to heat and cool your home, you get to enjoy “Black Friday” savings every day of the year

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday takes place every November, right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This annual shopping event is a great opportunity for customers to shop small and support locally owned businesses. Many of our partners across the country in the heating and cooling industry are small businesses. When you purchase one of our variable-capacity heat pumps, you’re also supporting the local HVAC contractors who’ll install and service your system. In many cases, they’ve been serving your community for years and even decades.

Because small businesses help make a community feel like home, shopping small can help keep your city and town unique. It also creates jobs, keeping members of your community employed (and when they grow, adding more jobs). Finally, your choice to support one small business can have a widespread impact on your community’s economy — local businesses also use local goods and services.

So, this Small Business Saturday, consider supporting the technicians, office staff and leadership team at your local HVAC contractor!

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday takes place each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This holiday encourages people to give back in whatever ways they can. It also gives nonprofit organizations a chance to promote awareness and make a major impact.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we continue to support our charity partners on Giving Tuesday through the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF). MEAF helps maximize the potential and participation of youth with disabilities in society. Established in 1991 with a $15 million endowment from the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan and the Mitsubishi Electric US group companies, the foundation supports national grant programs and employee volunteer programs across the country to make life better for youths with disabilities.

Whether you’re finding a way to celebrate all of these holidays, or just focusing on Turkey Day, we hope you have a fulfilling and joy-filled week of festivities.

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